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How To Sell My Home Quckly

How to Sell My Home Quickly in San Diego

Selling Your Home Quickly in San Diego

Depending on your situation, there may come a time when you need to sell your home quickly. Contact America’s Finest Property Management, Inc. to find out what options are best for you. We are a full service Real Estate and Property Management Company with over 37 years of experience.

Here is one scenario..You contact your Realtor, they tell you not to reduce your asking price (this is because they want to get a larger commission). They tell you to wait until you absolutely must sell, then make your decision at that point.

The problem with this scenario is that you are already asking your Realtor to sell your home quickly. If they are an actual professional Realtor, like America’s Finest Property Management, then they would give you the correct advice to sell your home quickly.

Some Tips To Selling Your Home Quickly in San Diego

No matter where you live, here are some basic tips to help you sell your home quickly.

  1. Clean: Clean your house like you have never cleaned it before (or hire a cleaning service). Pay attention to the kitchen, bathrooms and yes, the garage.
  2. Repair: Repair Any Damages in wood cabinets, doors, plumbing and anything visual on the inside or outside of the home.
  3. Patch and Paint: Do you have stucco? Check the base of your house outside to see if the stucco that is closest to the ground has fallen off, if so, patch and paint it.
  4. Repaint: Yes. Repainting inside and outside of your house may cost some money but you will reap the benefits once you sell your home quickly.
  5. Landscaping: Check outside around your home. Walk up to your home like you are a potential buyer. Is the grass cut and green? Are there bushes that need to be trimmed? Do you need to lay sod? You can always spend a few hundred bucks and get new plants to install in the front and back yards for curb appeal.
  6. Plumbing: Make sure your showers, sinks, toilets all work and that there are no leaks or issues.
  7. Electric: Clean out the spiderwebs from the circuit breaker box.
  8. Pack Up: Pack up whatever isn’t nailed down and store it. Do you have boxes of clothes lying around? Is the garage a nightmare? Pack it and store it. Or donate it or throw it away. You want your home to be inviting and not cluttered but also look lived in.
  9. Clean Floors: Do you have carpet or flooring that needs to be cleaned? Hire a professional. It is worth it.
  10. Polish Wood: If you have wood staircases, furniture, etc. polish it up. The smell alone will show potential buyers that the home is clean.
  11. Windows: Clean windows, patch or replace screens.
  12. Doors: Are your doors, door knocks or locks dirty? Do they squeak when opening? Hit them with a little WD-40 and no more squeaks.
  13. Trash Compactor: Clean out and run the compactor. Add some lemon peels and turn it on.
  14. Base Boards: Clean or repaint
  15. Stage: If you need to, hire a professional stager. If this is not in your budget, make sure your furniture is clean. Put away family items (ie: basketballs, dog bowls, etc.) and anything else that does not to be “in plain view”.

The Key To Selling a Home Quickly in San Diego

The key to selling your home fast is to approach your home like you were going to buy it again for the first time. Do you remember what it was like when you first saw your new home? Remember that feeling? That is what you want to convey to any potential new owners. That “new car smell” and “wow factor” is what you are after.

So, if you need help selling your home in San Diego, please contact Hector at America’s Finest Property Management, Inc. for expert advice and help.

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