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Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate

Questions About Real Estate and Property Management

Whether you are buying a home is San Diego, selling a home in San Diego or in need of Property Management Services in San Diego, America’s Finest Property Management can help.

With over 30 years of experience in Real Estate, I work specifically in the the south bay area of San Diego, including Chula Vista,  Eastlake, Otay Ranch. Bonita, Imperial Beach, National City, San Ysidro and South San Diego.

Questions About Buying a Home

Before purchasing a home, you will need to check your credit score. Lenders are reassured by potential buyers with credit scores of 700 or more. It typically indicates that you can be trusted to repay the loan.

High scores are indicative of  consistent on-time payments, long-term borrowing practices, and a good mix of other credit types and loans.

Lenders will look at all of the factors to determine if you qualify for certain kinds of mortgages. Be sure to review your credit history once per year and correct any errors. This will give you a better chance at qualifying for loans with lower interest rates.

Different mortgage lenders offer different loan products for your current situation so shop around to find out what kinds of loans you may qualify for before beginning your home search. Understanding your current status will allow you to create a budget and start looking for homes within your price range.

Typically, if the home is less than 10 years old, you should have little to no problems with it, but you will definitely want to enlist the help of a professional home inspector to make the final decision.

New home builds offer the convenience of knowing there isn’t anything that needs to be done to the property and is usually move-in ready.

Both purchasing a new home build or existing home come with possibly being a part of an HOA (Home Owners Association) and may have other fees involved in the monthly upkeep and maintenance so be sure to read through the terms and any agreements thoroughly and it is recommended that you have a qualified real estate attorney review any contracts before you sign anything. We here at America’s Finest Property Management can spot a good deal when we see one so please utilize our expertise when purchasing your next home in San Diego!

Questions About Selling a Home

Congratulations you are going to sell your home. Now what?

Getting your home ready to sell can be quite the daunting task but starting sooner rather than later will help make the process less stressful.

  1. Start by downsizing and either giving away, selling or throwing away items, furniture, clothes, etc. that you no longer need or want. Anything that you want to keep but should be put away out of site should be put into public storage.
  2. You want your home to be as scarce of “junk” as possible so that the new potential buyer will see the basic items on display without viewing all of your personal items.
  3. Put any kitchen appliances away into the cupboards
  4. Clean the house top to bottom, this includes cleaning carpets and cleaning grout and tile. Or hire someone to do this.
  5. Repaint any rooms that need a new coat and possibly repaint the outside of the home if your budget allows.
  6. Attend to the outside “curb-appeal” in the front and backyards to remove weeds, mow the grass, trim the bushes and basically clean up the yards.
  7. Put away any dog or other pet beds or toys.
  8. Hire a home inspector to give your house the once over so you can fix anything that needs fixing before the buyer has their inspector view the home.
  9. Ask a professional in the real estate field, like America’s Finest Property Management to offer any additional solutions and recommendations. 

Lastly, after everything has been completed above, ask yourself, “Would I Buy This Home?”. Try to remember why you fell in love with the home in first place and this will make it easier for you to pass the torch to the new owner(s).

The best time to sell a home in San Diego is Spring and Summer. This is typical in the real estate industry across the country.

Research has shown that home sales in May through August account for 40% of total annual home sales.

January is typically the worst time to sell a home but a perfect time to start getting your home ready to sell.


Questions About America's Finest Property Management

By doing a rental survey in our areas, checking Zillow,, internet.

With a 30-day notice , contact can be cancelled by either party.

No payment is warranted while there is no rental income for a short period of time. 90 days

By dropping a Rent Check in our office, in person or by mail or depositing the rent funds directly into our bank account. Bank transfers, and only directly to our Yardi software.

We try to inspect our rental properties quarterly, at least every six months.

We do not charge extra for repairs done to the properties; owner is always responsible to pay for repairs, with no fees added by property manager.

You will get a monthly Cash Flow report showing income and expenses. Comments are usually including with monthly reports, along with monthly distributions to owners.

Yes. It is for the safety of all involved.

Usually by phone or text or email.

Careful screening by reviewing rental history and contacting owners of past rentals, credit reports of all tenants over 18 years of age. Criminal reports, verification of employment and identity. Personal interview with prospects is the best way to determine quality after all screening has been done.

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