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Why Hire a Realtor to Sell Your Home?

If you’re looking to sell your property, you’re probably looking to unload the property as quickly as you can for as high a price as possible – two feats that don’t always come together as easily as you might like. The temptation may be strong to go the DIY route and cut out the middleman. Why share the profit on your property sale when you can keep it all for yourself? The answer is that even in a high-paced real estate market, a lot of factors go into getting the best price possible for your property. A good realtor is on hand every step of the process, not just to make it quicker and easier, but to maximize your profit as much as possible. 

So how can America’s Finest Property Management help you sell your home?

Do You Need a Realtor to Sell Your Property?

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The short answer to that question is “no.” You can certainly sell your home by yourself, without assistance of a licensed real estate agent. But there are a number of reasons why that could be a bad idea. In some surveys, properties listed as For Sale By Owner were found to net an estimated six percent less than those sold by Multiple Listing Services typically employed by real estate agents. This is in part because selling a home requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise – all things a professional realtor is ready to dedicate to you and your sale. Without up-to-date knowledge of local real estate values, marketing skills, and experience negotiating, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself selling your home for a lot less than it’s worth, a loss you can’t afford as you set out on your new venture. 

What Can A Realtor Do for You?

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Do you know how much your house is really worth? While an online calculator through a service like Zillow can provide you with an estimated value for your property, it lacks the nuance and comprehension of a human being well-versed in market trends and current availability. Online calculators can also make mistakes, mistakes that may prove costly for you. 

A licensed realtor, on the other hand, will be on hand for the home inspection and appraisal to form a solid understanding of the true value of your property. They understand the importance of factors like curb appeal, renovations you’ve completed since your purchase of the property, and nearby school districts. 

In addition to forming a thorough understanding of your home’s worth, a reliable real estate agent is also skilled in marketing strategies geared toward making sure the right potential buyers see your listing. Since most “tours” of available properties start with online listings, a good realtor will make sure that your listings feature quality photos and videos of your property, even if it means hiring a skilled photographer. Your realtor knows how to spread the word about your for-sale property, utilizing tools such as social media and their own website in addition to property pages. They can make sure that you’re staging the house in a way that makes it more appealing and inviting, post yard signage, and take out ads. 

They’ll also act as a buffer between you and any casual browsers that might just be wasting your time. Since agents work on a commission, they’ll make sure you’re only dealing with potential buyers who have their financing in line and are qualified applicants for your property. When you need to sell your property quickly, every showing counts – you want to be sure that you’re only dealing with serious, pre-approved buyers. 

Sell Your San Diego Home with America’s Finest Property Management

Hector M. Ruiz - President America's Finest Property Management, Inc. - Best Real Estate Agent in San Diego

Selling a home in San Diego, Chula Vista, National City, or the surrounding areas whether you’re a first-time seller or a seasoned professional can be a daunting task. Let Hector Ruiz America’s Finest Property Management help you navigate the murky waters of the real estate selling process. We will help you every step of the way.


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